What is your opinion about the current innovations & technology trends in the Pharmaceutical & life-sciences industry?
There is an increasing interest in the emerging technologies and innovation. Artificial Intelligence becoming a major transformative force. The rapid pace of digital advancement is pulling the discovery, development and commercial worlds together. The few top technologies are Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Blockchain, Big Data & Advanced Analytics, Internet of Things & Sensors, Artificial Intelligence, Augmented / Virtual Reality

Are Indian Pharmaceutical firms ready to adopt new technologies? According to you which technologies have been highly implemented?
Emerging Technologies need to be seen in the context of the main strategic outcome: a data driven value chain. I think for technology adoption, we need few fundamental changes in the mindset and processes. Digital era is highly disruptive and dynamic in nature. Data analytics, data science, remote patient monitoring & patient care solutions are widely adopted.

How has the implementation of latest technologies benefitted the Pharmaceutical & Life sciences industry?
If one is following a structured approach for mapping of Emerging Technologies against Business Capabilities, there are clear benefits. It will lead to better quality, productivity, positive impact on the patients’ engagement and future of Pharma. Emerging Technologies offer various opportunities in the life science value chain, but there is no formula exist yet.

Where do you see the Pharmaceutical industry in the year 2020 innovated with IT?
Pay for performance & Real World Evidence are going to play vital role. Digitalization of clinical trials - ease of patients monitoring and remote patient administration. Predictive analytics - IT systems will generate real time analytics and alerts. Increase in the digital/eWorkforce (bots for process automation).



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